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Australia Visitor Visa (Subclass600)

Australia Visitor Visa (Subclass600)


Are you wishing to travel to Australia on a visitor visa? If yes, then you must know all the important aspects of an Australian Visitor Visa subclass 600. A visitor visa allows you to visit Australia for a short vacation i.e one year or less. This is a temporary visa and is valid for a specified time period only. This tourist visa subclass 600 permits you to travel to Australia as a visitor, to see your family, for any business activities, for medical consultation or if you are on a trip with a registered agent from the People’s Republic of China.

One important thing to note is that a visitor visa doesn’t allow you to study or work in Australia for exceeding three months. We shall study more about visitor visas in the further section.

Basics Eligibility for a Visitor Visa (Subclass 600) 
  • To procure a valid passport from an eligible country.
  • To have a sufficient amount of funds to sustain in Australia.
Visitor Visa Requirements

There are some of the requirements or documents that must be fulfilled to get done with an Australian Visitor Visa. let us start reviewing them:

1. A digital photograph.

2. Evidence of adequate funds to be shown in front of Australian Immigration Authorities.

3. A letter stating your current position, length of employment, salary, and approved leaves by the employer.

4. A letter as evidence to show your enrollment at school, college, or university.

5. A complete itinerary showing your travel arrangements & plans.

6. An invitation letter(if you’re visiting your close family).

7. A copy of your purchased return ticket.

8. A copy of your valid passport that’s valid for the duration of the visa.

9. Mandatory GTE requirements- You need to submit a personal explanation letter stating the reason for your visit and your intentions when you leave Australia. (if you will continue your travel or return to employment in your home country).

10. A letter explaining your intentions if you will apply for any visa when in Australia. (as a GTE requirement)